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Color Additive Science and Research

FDA scientists conduct a variety of activities to ensure the safety of color additives listed for use in FDA-regulated products. These activities include:

  • Analyzing samples of color additives sent to FDA for batch certification, to determine whether they meet the specifications required in the regulations that list permitted color additives
  • Developing and updating analytical methods used for color additive certification
  • Developing analytical methods to identify and quantify potentially harmful ingredients and impurities in color additives
  • Developing analytical methods to identify and quantify color additives in FDA-regulated products
  • Providing scientific and technical support within FDA on color additives
  • Providing guidance to regulated industry and others on color additives
  • Evaluating chemistry data in petitions for new color additives and new uses for currently permitted color additives

To find scientific publications by FDA scientists on the topic of color additives, visit "Scientific Publications by FDA Staff" and enter "color additives" in the search field.

The following are Web-based seminars produced by FDA in cooperation with the National Science Teachers Association:

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