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Marketing Category

Source: National Cancer Institute Thesaurus

NCI concept code for Marketing Category: C73581

NCI Thesaurus OID: 2.16.840.1.113883.


SPL Acceptable Term


ANADA C73583
ANDA C73584
Approved Drug Product Manufactured Under Contract C132333
BLA C73585
Bulk ingredient C73626
Bulk Ingredient For Animal Drug Compounding C98252
Bulk Ingredient For Human Prescription Compounding C96793
Conditional NADA C73588
Cosmetic C86965
Dietary Supplement C86952
Drug for Further Processing C94795
Emergency Use Authorization C96966
Exempt device C80438
Export only C73590
Humanitarian Device Exemption C80440
IND C75302
Medical Food C86964
Legally Marketed Unapproved New Animal Drugs for Minor Species C92556
Multi-Market Approved Product C175238
NADA C73593
NDA C73594
NDA authorized generic C73605
OTC Monograph Drug Product Manufactured Under Contract C132334
OTC monograph final C73603
OTC monograph not final C73604
Outsourcing Facility Compounded Human Drug Product (Exempt From Approval Requirements) C181659
Premarket Application C80441
Premarket Notification C80442
SIP Approved Drug C175462
Unapproved drug for use in drug shortage C101533
Unapproved drug other C73627
Unapproved Drug Product Manufactured Under Contract C132335
Unapproved homeopathic C73614
Unapproved medical gas C73613


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