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  1. About the Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)

CTP's Key Strategic Priorities

Every day, CTP takes action to protect American families, charting a new course for comprehensive change. CTP's Key Strategic Priorities are:

  1. Product Standards
    • Advancing a product standard strategy that yields strong standards to improve public health and that can withstand legal challenge
  2. Comprehensive FDA Nicotine Regulatory Policy
    • Establishing an integrated, FDA-wide policy on nicotine-containing products that is public health based
  3. Pre & Post-Market Controls: Regulations & Product Reviews
    • Exploring developing rules and guidance for:
      • Product review pathways
      • Tobacco Product Manufacturing Practices
      • Analytic test method validation
  4. Compliance and Enforcement
    • Inspection, investigation, monitoring, and review activities
    • Initiating appropriate enforcement actions that are supported by evidence
  5. Public Education
    • Educating at risk audiences on the dangers
    • Utilizing the tools given to us by Congress to maximize their potential and positively impact public health
"FDA intends to use the many tools at its disposal to continue the decline in tobacco use and to reinvigorate public determination to arrest the epidemic by making the next generation tobacco-free. The Agency remains committed to making tobacco-related death and disease part of America's past, not its future."

Mitch Zeller, director, the Center for Tobacco Products

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