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Tobacco Product Applications: Metrics & Reporting

On this page:

In order to provide the most current information, FDA will be regularly updating this page with reporting and progress of FDA intermediate and final actions taken on premarket applications– PMTA, SE Report and EX REQ – across the application review process. The information included in these PDF charts replaces the information previously posted on the Tobacco Product Marketing Orders page (which has now been updated to more clearly present the order letters, decision summaries and other documents associated with tobacco products that FDA has authorized). Those who were familiar with the previous monthly aggregate numbers posted on that page will note that the new PDF charts include data on many more categories and milestones in the review process.

FDA intends to provide these metrics and data on a regular and reliable basis and in an easy-to-understand format, typically within a month of the closing of the reporting period.

FY 21-22 Products Accepted for Review Pie Graph

Note: Information on this page is current as of Mar. 31, 2022.

FDA may periodically reassess and change the categories or amount of data provided on this website. This data is produced on an ongoing basis and is subject to change due to updates, corrections, or other reasons. Some metrics can also change as FDA is processing an extremely large number of applications that move through many steps during the review process. The data reported here is generally accurate to within 10%.

Most of the metrics reported reflect the number of tobacco products that are at each stage. Descriptions of each of the metrics are provided within the Tobacco Product Applications Metrics Glossary.

Premarket Tobacco Product Applications (PMTA)

View the complete set of PMTA Metrics for Acceptance, Filing and Review/Action Phases

Premarket Tobacco Product Applications bar graphs

Substantial Equivalence (SE) Reports

View the complete set of SE Report Metrics for Acceptance and Review/Action Phases

Substantial Equivalence bar graphs

Exemption from Substantial Equivalence Requests (EXREQ)

View the complete set of EX REQ Metrics for Acceptance and Review/Action Phases

Exemption Request bar graphs

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