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  1. Exporting CBER-Regulated Products

How to Search for a CPP Application

Search Application Process Step-by-Step Instructions

July, 2014

Table of Contents

  1. Section 1 Search Application
  2. Section 2 Search Results

Section 1 Search Application

After you have logged in to FDA Industry Systems, choose ‘BECATS’ from the list of systems available on the FURLS Home Page as shown in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: FDA Industry Systems Page

FDA Industry Systems Page

To search for applications, select ‘Search Application’ from the BECATS Main Menu Page  as shown in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2: BECATS Main Menu

BECATS Main Menu

Use the Search Application option to search your applications by various criteria. Once you have found the application, you can modify the application (if applicable), request for additional certificates, or print the application.

NOTE: You must enter at least one search criteria.

You can search using any or all of the following fields as shown in Figure 3 below:

Application Number - Unique number provided by BECATS after the initial submission
Name -Name associated with the Requestor Name, Manufacturer Name, or Distributor Name
Address Line 1 -Address of the Manufacturer or Distributor
Address Line 2 - Address of the Manufacturer or Distributor cont.
Marketing Status Number
Country of Destination
Certificate Type
Application Status
Submission Date Range - Start Date
Submission Date Range - End Date

Figure 3: Search Parameters

 Figure 3 Search Parameters

Search Results

The system will display the results which correspond to your search as shown in Figure 4 below.

NOTE: If your OAA account is an Enterprise-Level account, you will be able to search on all applications that pertain to your account and any sub-account applications.

If your OAA account is Sub-account, you will only be able to search on applications that pertain to your account.

Figure 4: Search Results

Figure 4 Search Results

The system displays the application number, the current Status, the Certificate Type, and the Submitted Date.

You can use the up and down (orange-colored) arrows in the column headings to sort the application list in ascending or descending order.

View an Application
To view an application, click on the Application Number hyperlink.
Once the application is displayed, you can print a copy of the application.

Modify an Application
To modify an application, select the radio button to the left of the Application Number and choose Modify Application.

NOTE: The application must be in a specific status in order to select the Modify option.  See the Modify Application or Request Additional Certificates online help section for more information on how to use these features after a search.

Clone Application

At any time you have the option to copy/clone an existing submitted application.  To clone an application, select the radio button to the left of the Application Number and choose Clone Application.  The system will automatically create a copy of the application.  The system will navigate to the final review page where you can submit the application or make the necessary edits prior to submitting the application.

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