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OTED Training Schedule & Catalog

 ORA LearnEd page

ORA has transitioned to a new learning management system (LMS) known as the Office of Regulatory Affairs Training System – ORA LearnED.

Learn more about the ORA LearnEd Training System.
  • ORA LearnED is available for State/Local/Tribal/Territorial constituents as well as other non-FDA regulatory partners. You can now go to the ORA Training System – ORA LearnED to search the Course Catalog.
  • The login ID for state, local, tribal, and territorial partners as well as other Non-FDA Regulators will now be your employment email address. Contact the helpdesk at: appsdesk@fda.hhs.gov if have issues logging into the New ORA LearnED System.
  • Once you have logged in and accessed the ORA LearnED Welcome Page click on the events calendar button in the middle of the page to view the Course Calendar Schedule.
  • You can also use the search bar on the top right of the Welcome page and type in a key word or phrase, course ID number or topic area to search for courses.
  • Additionally, you can also search for a course by going to the Learning Tab and clicking on the Learning Search link from the drop-down menu to filter for courses by duration, type, modality, and subject.
  • When you find the event/session that you are looking for click on it to view the information related to the course.
OTED’s two Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the ORA LearnED Training System and UL ComplianceWire LMS. On this page you will find more information on these systems and how to obtain your respective transcripts:

ORA LearnEd Training System

Where to access the ORA LearnEd System:

Log onto: https://fdaoted.csod.com and click on the blue button labeled “Calendar” to view currently scheduled OTED courses.

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Glossary Crosswalk for Learners: Since the ORA LearnED Training System utilizes different terminology than that of the legacy Pathlore LMS we’ve prepared this Glossary Crosswalk to help you navigate the new system.
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Quick Reference Guide: View our ORA LearnED Quick Reference Guide to see a synopsis of the system.
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Short video tutorials: Click the following links to view our short video tutorials:


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Logging into the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs Training System – State, Local, Tribal, Territorial Regulators, Non-FDA Federal Regulators and FDA Center Personnel
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User Guides: For a more comprehensive look into using ORA LearnED you can view the following ORA LearnED OTED User Guides:


ComplianceWire LMS

To set up a ComplianceWire account, personnel in ORA Program Areas should contact your Program Training Officer (PTO). Center Employees should submit a ticket with the APPS Desk at: Appsdesk@fda.hhs.gov for assistance. Additional information is below:


How to get your Personal Transcripts

For questions and comments about this site, contact the appsdesk@fda.hhs.gov.

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