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Office of Management


The Office of Management (OM) provides exceptional customer service, guidance, and education on resource and administrative management activities to protect human and animal health. There are five organizations within OM in addition to the Immediate Office of the Associate Director of Management:

Immediate Office of the Associate Director of Management
Program & Resource Management Staff
Business Informatics Staff
Talent Development Staff
Human Capital Management Staff
Budget Planning & Evaluation Staff

Immediate Office of the Associate Director of Management:

The Immediate Office (IO) of the Associate Director of Management provides executive leadership and direction for management and administrative programs, policies, and issues at the Center and Agency levels. The IO partners with Centers and Offices throughout the Agency as well as our Field partners in the Office of Regulatory Affairs (ORA) to protect and promote the health of humans and animals by ensuring the safety of the American food supply, the safety of animal food and devices, and the safety and effectiveness of animal drugs. 

The IO is responsible for managing CVM and OM crosscutting projects. Some examples include:

  • Leads strategic planning of Departmental, Agency, and Center goals and priorities
  • Manages CVM’s User Fee Program reauthorization process
  • Develops employee engagement and leadership initiatives
  • Coordinates and manages the Center Health and Safety System Program for all Center sites, including emergency evacuation plans and the Continuity of Operations Plan
  • Serves as:
    • Center focal point for facility services
    • Center focal point and Agency liaison for Fleet Management and Physical Security Services
    • Center Liaison for EASE, ITAS, eOrder, and eArrive system
    • Center Liaison for Labor and Employee Relations, Reasonable Accommodations, and EEO

Program & Resource Management Staff:

  • Provides budget execution and fiscal accounting services for the Center. This includes monitoring the Center's financial position throughout the year while providing status and recommendations to leadership. Providing ad hoc financial information to Leadership as required.
  • Provides administration of the Animal Drug Use Fee Act (ADUFA) and Animal Generic Drug User Fee Act (AGDUFA). This includes the management and tracking of program invoice billing, collections, financial position and performance metrics.
  • Provides coordination for acquisition activities, and ensures proper execution of contracts, grants, and inter agency agreements.
  • Implements the purchase card program for the Center. Conducts periodic audits, creates new accounts, and provides support to cardholders.
  • Provides support to end users on UFMS/iProcurement related issues and coordinates with Office of Financial Management (OFM) on the administration of user accounts and training.
  • Responsible for overseeing the Veterinary Budget & Acquisition Planning System.

Business Informatics Staff:

  • Serves as the liaison between the Center and the Office of Digital Transformation (ODT).
  • Coordinates and manages the Center's IT Investment Review Board (ITIRB), and the Center's Change Control Board (CCB).
  • Coordinates and manages the User Fee Billing Process and interacts with the Office of Financial Management (OFM) in preparing and processing annual user fee bills.
  • Coordinates and manages the ODT hardware and software purchases, including mobile devices and laptops.
  • Manages the Center’s IT Portfolio and provides Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) functions to HHS.
  • Serves as the Center’s electronic submissions liaison and outreach to external stakeholders.
  • Serves as Center liaison for accountable and non-accountable property activities including but not limited to policy, compliance, and surplus.
  • Coordinates and manages the Audio Visual and Video Teleconferencing Support and Maintenance Program.

Talent Development Staff:

  • Leads the Talent Development Learning Center (TDLC) to provide a wide range of competency-based training, education, health and wellness, professional, and career development services to support the Center's workforce.
  • Promotes the Center as a learning organization through a continuous, life-long learning process of inquiry and improvement that keeps pace with the speed of change.
  • Conducts assessments to improve organizational culture, leadership, and the workforce for the Center's public health mission. 
  • Leverages cutting-edge learning technologies and platforms for a flexible and adaptive environment to align with the Center’s ever-changing work environment.
  • Administers the Center’s travel and conference programs.

Human Capital Management Staff:

  • Provides human capital and human resource strategies and services to recruit, engage, and retain a highly skilled, committed, and diverse workforce for the Center. 
  • Provides leadership and support to the Center in the areas of: hiring, outreach, onboarding, performance management, timekeeping and leave, flexible workplace programs, Center-wide surveys, and Commissioned Corps.
  • Partners with various offices within the Office of Operations for the Center’s human capital and human resource management programs. 
  • Coordinates Ethics advice, guidance, and training for Center employees, coordinating with the Office of Ethics.
  • Supports employee engagement and retention via retention incentives, awards and recognition, including the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey.

Budget Planning & Evaluation Staff:

  • Leads the development and analysis of the Center’s performance budget through all phases of the Congressional budget process.
  • Fosters budget performance integration for collecting and analyzing performance information to improve evidence-based budget formulation, budget deliberations, and overall performance measurement throughout the Center.
  • Provides strategic and tactical planning expertise in development of goals, priorities, etc.
  • Leads the Center’s senior executive performance plan process, including CVM’s contributions to the Commissioner’s executive performance plan and FDA’s organizational assessment.
  • Conducts evaluations for CVM such as organizational assessments, cost analyses, internal control assessments, and environmental scans to assess risk and support, inform, and improve long-term and short-term strategic planning.
  • Coordinates and facilitates the implementation of Activity Time Reporting in CVM.
  • Collects and statistically analyzes time reporting data and animal drug submission data to build data-driven and forward-looking processes to improve evidence-based Resource Capacity Planning.

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