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Scientific Internships, Fellowships / Trainees and Non-U.S. Citizens

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Whether you’re an undergraduate looking to pursue a career in science, a graduate science student seeking experience in regulatory science, a postgraduate looking for fellowship opportunities, or a senior scientist pursuing research experience in your field of expertise, FDA offers you many paths to learning about the exciting field of regulatory science.

FDA’s Scientific Service Fellowship Program for Research and Regulatory Review

The FDA’s Service Fellowship Program provides a flexible alternative mechanism for the employment and professional development of promising research or regulatory review scientists for a period of limited duration. Fellowships provide the opportunity to accelerate and enhance scientists' careers through close associations with leading authorities in health-related research.  Fellowships also serve to strengthen the research community by assuring a continuous exchange of talent between the FDA, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other research organizations external to the FDA.

Staff Fellowship Program
Staff fellows encourage and promote research/regulatory review, studies, and investigations related to health. Related health areas include medical, physical, biological, mathematical, social (economic and others), biometric, epidemiological, behavioral, and computer sciences directly related to the mission of the Agency. Depending on the amount and quality of experience possessed by a candidate, he or she may be hired as a Staff Fellow or a Senior Staff Fellow.

Visiting Scientist Programs

FDA’s Visiting Scientist Program provides opportunities for distinguished foreign scientists at all levels of their careers to work on problems of mutual interest. There are two categories of FDA’s Visiting Scientist Program participants: Visiting Associates and Visiting Scientists.

Undergraduate, Graduate, and Post-Graduate Training Programs


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