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Office of Policy, Legislation, and International Affairs

FDA’s Office of Policy, Legislation and International Affairs (OPLIA) is comprised of a constellation of offices and staff, with employees stationed around the globe. Our offices include FDA’s Office of Policy, Office of Legislation, Office of Congressional Appropriations, Office of Global Policy and Strategy, Office of Economics and Analysis and the Intergovernmental Affairs Staff.     

Within FDA, OPLIA has a significant and wide-reaching role. Our staff serves as FDA’s focal point for engagement with the U.S. Congress, the Administration, global counterparts and partners, and state, local, territorial, and tribal policymakers. We offer strategic policy direction to develop and advance policies that protect and promote the public health.  

OPLIA is led by the Deputy Commissioner for Policy, Legislation, and International Affairs.  One of OPLIA’s strongest assets is the diversity of its staff. Our work requires collaboration and ingenuity which is only enhanced by the range of professional backgrounds OPLIA staff bring to the table – including law, science, policy, economics, and management. OPLIA’s work is also positively influenced by the diversity of our staff’s personal backgrounds and individual commitment to FDA’s mission to serve the public health.  


Through strategic leadership and engagement with diverse partners, including domestic, tribal, and international decision-makers, OPLIA utilizes our cross-cutting perspective of FDA, expertise in policy, economic analysis, legislation, international and intergovernmental affairs, and understanding of FDA’s stakeholders’ needs, to develop and advance policies that protect and promote the public health.   


Maximize FDA’s effectiveness by serving as trusted partners and the Agency’s nexus to shape and drive policy and priorities, resulting in a healthier country and world.  


Knowledge and Expertise: We apply and grow our unique, cross-cutting knowledge and expertise by advising on FDA’s public health mission and strategic priorities to support the Agency and our internal and external stakeholders.  

Strategic and Solution-Oriented: We identify and leverage opportunities to meet current and future needs by reflecting on the past, looking toward the future, and focusing on impact and results.  

Diversity: We promote diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and dignity in our policy work and programs, building diverse teams, embracing curiosity, openness, and inclusivity, and recruiting a variety of cross-cutting viewpoints.  

Collaboration: With open and curious minds, we aim to build a collaborative, cohesive, trusting culture and an efficient workplace, and we communicate in a transparent, inclusive, and effective way.  

Kindness: We provide a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment by interacting with one another in an empathetic, respectful, and compassionate manner.  

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