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Office of Global Operations Also referred to as: OGO

Image of Current International Offices Map

The Office of Global Operations (OGO) manages the Office of Global Policy and Strategy's foreign offices located in strategic locations around the globe including Asia (China and India); Europe (Belgium); and Latin America (Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico). One member of the Europe Office is embedded in the European Medicines Agency in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Interactions with other locations where FDA does not have a foreign presence are also managed by OGO at FDA Headquarters. The office also includes the Global Support Team and Program and Policy Team.

OGO’s programmatic priorities include: 

  • Increasing the FDA's knowledge about the country or region for better decisions and actions
  • Conducting foreign inspections 
  • Expanding foreign governments’ and industry’s awareness and understanding of FDA regulations and
  • Managing the deployment and support of overseas staff.

Each foreign office includes a director, a deputy director, locally employed staff, translators, and international relations specialists. Consumer safety officers, who conduct inspections of food and medical product facilities, can be found in China, India, and Latin America Offices.

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