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Import Program – Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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All products regulated by the Food and Drug Administration must meet the same requirements, whether imported from abroad or produced domestically. The job of protecting consumers includes an ever-increasing need to oversee imports. 

Imported FDA-regulated products are electronically screened before they enter the U.S. Consumers and importers of imported FDA-regulated products will find helpful information detailed on this website.

How to start importing FDA-regulated products

  • Importing FDA-Regulated Products
    Information and requirements for importing FDA-regulated products
  • Entry Submission Process
    Information you need to file an entry with the FDA
  • Common Entry Errors
    Information regarding common errors to help you provide accurate and complete information to the FDA
  • Import Systems
    Information regarding the electronic import systems the FDA utilizes to review and validate entry data and information
  • FEI Portal (NEW)
    Look up a FDA Establishment Identifier (FEI) based on a firm name and address or validate an address of an FEI

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