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Jobs, Fellowships, and Internships at the Center for Tobacco Products


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The Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) offers exciting career opportunities for motivated individuals seeking meaningful, mission-driven employment in the field of public health. Our multifaceted approach to protecting the public from the harms of tobacco allows CTP to employ professionals with expertise in public health, regulatory compliance and enforcement, health communication, and many of the sciences such as engineering, toxicology, and chemistry. CTP is deeply committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible workplace environment. We strive to prioritize and support these efforts over the long term, as it is important that we represent the unique population we serve.

Join CTP to take your career to the next level and become a member of a dynamic, evolving, and exciting team!

Current Job Openings


Office of Health Communication and Education


Office of Science


Coming Soon

Interested in working for CTP, but don’t see the right job for you?

Submit your resume for future career opportunities! We will contact you if a potential employment opportunity matches your interests and experience.

Career Professionals Students

  • Communications Specialist, GS-1001-12/13
  • Consumer Safety Officer, GS-0696-9/11
  • Epidemiologist, GS-601-11/12/13
  • Health Communications Specialist, GS-1001-9/11
  • Lead Consumer Safety Officer, GS-0696-13
  • Lead Regulatory Counsel, GS-0301-13
  • Microbiologist, GS-403-12/13
  • Program Analyst, GS-0343-9/11
  • Regulatory Counsel, GS-0301-9/11
  • Regulatory Health Program Coordinator, GS-0601-7/9
  • Regulatory Health Project Manager, GS-0601-11/12/13
  • Social Scientist, GS-101-11/12/13
  • Technical Information Specialist, GS-1412-12/13
  • Technical Writer Editor, GS-1083-7/9

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Explore Life at CTP

To learn from the personal experiences of CTP employees on life and work, check out the “CTP-ers” who volunteered to share their story.

View CTP employees and watch them share their personal account of what it’s like to work at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products.
Matthew Brenner

Matthew Brenner
Regulatory Counsel
Office of Regulations
Kellin Dougherty

Kellin Dougherty
Program Analyst
Office of Management
Jennifer Flores

Jennifer Flores
Program Specialist
Office of Compliance and Enforcement
George Gonzalez

George Gonzalez
Supervisory Acquisitions Analyst
Office of Management
Dorothy Horvat

Dorothy Horvat
Lead Program Analyst 
Office of Management
Apollo Wang

Apollo Wang
CTP Commissioned Corps Liaison
Office of Management
Liz Otero

Liz Otero
Consumer Safety Officer
Office of Compliance and Enforcement
Kendric Dartis CTP

Kendric Dartis
Health Communications Specialist
Office of Health Communication and Education

Types of Positions at CTP

ORISE Research Participation Program

The ORISE Research Participation Program at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an educational and training program designed to provide college students, recent graduates, and university faculty opportunities to connect with the unique resources of the FDA.

Internships at CTP

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student (including masters, law, and other doctoral programs) interested in advancing your career with an internship at CTP? We strongly encourage individuals with diverse educational interests, such as law, chemistry, engineering, biostatistics, pharmacy, public health, public policy, to apply. We offer a limited number of unpaid internships. 

Currently, CTP does not have any openings for internships.  Please check back later to see if there are openings.

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