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Safety Reporting Portal for Tobacco Products

Problems with Tobacco Products? Tell FDA. 

If you experience a problem with a tobacco product, such as undesired health or quality problems, report it online using the Safety Reporting Portal.

The Safety Reporting Portal

The Safety Reporting Portal

Problems with Tobacco Products? Tell FDA.

You may submit reports about any tobacco product, including cigarettes, roll-your-own cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes and waterpipe tobacco. You can also report problems with the components and parts of tobacco products.

Note: To use the mobile-friendly version of the SRP tobacco questionnaire, please use the “Report as Guest” option. Note that logging into an existing SRP account from a smartphone or tablet will take users to the full desktop-version tobacco questionnaire.

Logging into an existing SRP account from a smartphone or tablet will take users to the full desktop-version SRP tobacco questionnaire.


What Tobacco Product Problem Reports Have Been Submitted to FDA?

Learn more about the tobacco product problems reported to FDA

What Types of Problems Should I Report?

FDA is interested in reports from consumers, manufacturers, clinical investigators, and health professionals about tobacco products that:

  • are damaged
  • are defective
  • are contaminated
  • smell or taste wrong

FDA wants to know if you have experienced undesired health or quality problems that you believe may have been caused by use of a particular tobacco product. FDA also wants to know about undesired health or quality problems that may have been caused by being exposed to a tobacco product, even if you were not the user. 

These types of health or quality problems could include:

  • overheating, fires, explosions, or burns
  • seizures or other serious nervous system issues
  • toxic or allergic reactions
  • an unusual problem in a long-time user
  • foreign material in the product
  • problems with packaging, labeling or product parts

What Information Should I Put in a Tobacco Product Problem Report?

Details about adverse experiences are important in helping FDA to identify concerning trends and clear patterns or causes for particular incidents. 

When reporting an adverse experience, please be sure to include information about:

  • The affected person (whether a user or nonuser)
  • Manufacturer name 
  • Brand name, model, and serial number of the product, device, or e-liquid, as applicable
  • Where the tobacco product(s) were purchased 
  • Whether the tobacco product(s) were modified in any way or whether there was a device malfunction
  • Use of or exposure to other tobacco products, medications, supplements,  substances of abuse or toxins around the same time
  • Any other symptoms or warnings before the adverse experience, such as nausea, vomiting, change in the user’s behavior, alertness, vision or hearing
  • Details about the pattern of product use or exposure before the event (duration, amount and intensity of product use) as well as the time between the latest use and the adverse experience
  • Health effects details: Specific areas of the body affected, symptom progression, how long symptoms lasted, course of  recovery, and any medical testing, care and treatment decisions rendered
  • Underlying health conditions, health history and family history
  • Whether product use continued or not after the event and whether additional events occurred
  • Whether you reported the event elsewhere, such as to a poison control center, the retailer, or the manufacturer

You can also upload relevant medical records, photos, or other files that include or supplement this information. Follow-up reports to the SRP weeks, months, or years later that are linked to the initial report and give final outcomes can also be useful.

What Does FDA Do with Tobacco Product Problem Reports?

FDA is building a comprehensive tobacco regulation program to make sure all tobacco products have an appropriate level of regulatory oversight.  The FDA reviews all tobacco-related Safety Reporting Portal reports to identify new or concerning trends.

FDA does not routinely contact consumers who submit reports to the Safety Reporting Portal. If you do provide your contact information, we may ask you for additional information to better understand your experience. 

FDA cannot provide medical advice. If you have a concern about your health or an issue that requires medical attention, please contact your health care provider.

Learn more about the tobacco product problems reported to FDA.

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