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  1. Exporting CBER-Regulated Products

CBER Export Certification

Submission Requirements for Requesting Certificates for Exporting Products to Foreign Countries


Firms exporting products from the U.S. are often asked by foreign customers or foreign governments to supply a certification relating to products subject to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and other acts the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) administers. Under the FDA Export Reform and Enhancement Act of 1996 (the Act), FDA is authorized to issue certificates for drugs, animal drugs, and devices within 20 days of receipt of a request for such a certificate. A fee of up to $175 may be charged for each certificate issued. In addition to issuing export certificates for approved or licensed products, the FDA will also issue export certificates for unapproved products that meet the requirements of Sections 801(e) or 802 of the Act.

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