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  1. National Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) Programs and Initiatives

Partnership for Food Protection (PFP)


Logo for Partnership for Food Protection

  Link to the website: Please click here

The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) has just finalized a new strategic plan! The PFP Strategic Plan for 2021-2026 focuses primarily on integrating functions related to manufactured human and animal food. The Strategic Plan recognizes the importance of the collaborative efforts of both regulatory and non-regulatory strategic partners to achieve an IFSS. Goals include: to strengthen communication and collaboration among PFP members and stakeholders, develop regulatory capacity and standards, champion consistent inspections and compliance best practices among regulators, and promote coordinated and effective outbreak responses. Follow this link to view the new plan: https://www.pfp-ifss.org/ifss-resources/final-pfp-strategic-plan-fy21-fy25-april-2021/

The Partnership for Food Protection (PFP) is a group of dedicated professionals from federal, state, and local governments with roles in protecting the food supply and public health. PFP is the structure used to coordinate representatives with expertise in food, feed, epidemiology, laboratory, animal health, environment, and public health to develop and implement an Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS). 

To contact members of the PFP, or to provide feedback on the Partnership for Food Protection, email us at PFP@fda.hhs.gov.

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