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  1. Advisory Committee Vacancies, Qualifications, and Experience

Food Advisory Committee Vacancies

Food Advisory Committee
Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

Committee Function Qualifications Current Vacancies
Food Advisory Committee Terminated 12/12/2017 Make recommendations on emerging food safety, food science, nutrition, and other food-related health issues that the FDA considers of primary importance for its food and cosmetics programs. Reviewing and evaluating available data and making recommendations on matters such as those relating to: (1) broad scientific and technical food or cosmetic related issues; (2) the safety of new foods and food ingredients; (3) labeling of foods and cosmetics; (4) nutrient needs and nutritional adequacy; and (5) safe exposure limits for food contaminants. The Committee may also be asked to provide advice and make recommendations on ways of communicating to the public the potential risks associated with these issues and on approaches that might be considered for addressing the issues. Knowledgeable in the fields of physical sciences, biological and life sciences, food science, risk assessment, nutrition, food technology, molecular biology, and other relevant scientific and technical disciplines. Committee Terminated 12/12/2017


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