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  1. Buying & Using Medicine Safely

Medication Health Fraud

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In general, health fraud drug products are articles of unproven effectiveness that claim to treat disease or improve health. In addition to wasting billions of consumers' dollars each year, health scams can lead patients to delay proper treatment and cause serious—and even fatal—injuries. FDA is very concerned about these fraud products, and removing these products from the market remains one of the Agency's top priorities.

FDA wants to hear from you if you have an unexpected reaction to an FDA-regulated product or suspect unlawful sales of medical products on the internet. If you have any reporting questions or want to discuss a product, you can call your local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator or talk to an FDA pharmacist.

General Health Fraud

  • Six Tip-offs to Rip-offs: Don't Fall for Health Fraud Scams – Learn how to protect your family from fraudulent scams and products. Health fraud scams play on the desire for a quick or miracle cure.
  • Health fraud product database Search this database for over 1,000 unapproved products that have been subject to FDA related violations. This list only includes a small fraction of the potentially hazardous products. The FDA defines health fraud as the deceptive promotion, advertising, distribution, or sale of a product represented as being effective to prevent, diagnose, treat, cure or lessen an illness or condition, or provide another beneficial effect on health, but that has not been scientifically proven safe and effective for such purposes.
  • Health fraud scam news

Tainted Products Marketed as Dietary Supplements

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Fraudulent Products for Serious Diseases

Counterfeit Medicine

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