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Office of External Affairs

  • ​​​​​​Serves as the central point of communication and education about the FDA’s public health and regulatory activity. This includes the development, coordination, and leadership of all FDA communications and outreach efforts to the news media, health professionals, patient advocates, industry, states, consumer groups, and the general public. OEA also serves as the focal point for speechwriting, creative and editorial services, and best practices in digital and web technology.
  • Advises the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and other key agency officials on FDA’s communications to the media, Congress, and the general public on issues that affect agency-wide programs, projects, strategies, partnerships and initiatives.
  • Advises and assists the Commissioner and other key officials on all public information programs; acts as the focal point for disseminating news on FDA activities and as a liaison with the Department of Health and Human Services on public information programs.
  • Advises the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioners and other senior staff throughout FDA on sensitive and controversial programs and initiatives that affect external stakeholder groups; provides historical expertise and records to inform those decisions.
  • Coordinates Agency-wide communication activities.
  • Ensures consistent visual identity and messaging across the Agency.
  • Provides communication expertise and state-of-the-art digital guidance and tools for application across the Agency.
  • Leads efforts to enhance FDA's communications infrastructure to better serve the public.
  • Serves as a Liaison between FDA and health professional and patient advocacy organizations to solve problems and address concerns these groups have with agency policies and programs related to human and medical product development and safety.
  • Coordinates and implements policies, programs and initiatives related to MedWatch, including MedWatch website and e-list.
  • Manage speaker requests for issues that cut across the FDA's organizational and product lines, as well as major meetings that involve various FDA Centers and Offices.


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