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Español 药物安全通讯 Drug Safety Podcasts

The FDA Drug Safety Communications posted on this web page are intended to provide important information to patients and health care professionals about new safety issues with the medicines they are taking or prescribing so they can make more informed decisions about treatment.

Widespread or long-term use of drugs by patients may uncover side effects not discovered during the clinical trials a drug company did to get FDA approval of the medicine.  As a result, FDA physicians and scientists continue to monitor the safety of drugs after they are approved.  When we learn information about a potential new safety issue, we review the data from available clinical trials or other studies, case reports, and medical literature.  Based on what we find, we may require changes to the prescribing information or the patient Medication Guide.  We may also release a Drug Safety Communication to alert patients and health care professionals about the issue.

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Additional Resources For You

Some Drug Safety Communications (DSCs) posted from 2010 to 2015 have been archived because FDA issued newer DSCs with updated information about the medicine. To access these archived DSCs, visit the Way Back Archive.

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