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Pink Ribbon Sunday Program

Pink Ribbon
Spread the word. Mammograms help save lives.

Mammograms are the best way to screen for breast cancer. However, many women still do not get regular mammography screenings. Help us to spread the word about the importance of mammograms. Join our Pink Ribbon team.

The FDA Office of Women’s Health launched the Pink Ribbon Sunday Mammography Awareness Program in 1998 to educate women about early detection of breast cancer through mammography. Pink Ribbon Sunday originally targeted African American and Hispanic churches, but the program has since expanded to all types of organizations serving women from diverse ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds. 

Participating groups include:

  • Religious Institutions
  • Women's Clubs/ Sororities
  • Community Organizations
  • Health Clinics and Hospitals
  • Health Departments 

Get Involved! It's easy.

Pink Ribbon Sunday activities have been conducted in communities from California and Oklahoma to D.C. and Puerto Rico, reaching over 100,000 women. Activities have ranged from mobile mammography events and health fairs to “Pink” luncheons and concerts. Here's how you can help.

Things You Can Do in October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Wear Something Pink on 3rd Sunday in October (It doesn't matter if you are going to church, yoga, brunch or a football game, show your support by wearing pink.)
  • Add an announcement about mammography screening to your church bulletin or website
  • Share one of our sample social media messages.
  • Download or Order Free Mammography Materials to share with the women in your church, organization or community
  • Invite a breast cancer survivor or representative from a local breast cancer organization to speak to your congregation or group
  • Organize a visit from a mobile van that offers mammography screenings  

Plan a Pink Ribbon Event

Download the Pink Ribbon Sunday Guide (PDF 1000KB). The guide provides five simple steps and sample materials to help you plan and promote mammography awareness activities in your community.

  • Step 1 - Get Support from Church or Organization Leadership
  • Step 2 - Start Planning
  • Step 3 - Spread the Word: Promote Your Event
  • Step 4 - Implement Your Activities
  • Step 5 - Do Your Follow-Up

What types of materials can you get?

You can order free bulk copies of FDA mammography materials at: http://promotions.usa.gov/fda-womens-health.html

Fact Sheets



You can also download a flyer to help promote your Pink Ribbon activities. Just type in the date, time, and location for your event.

What types of activities do you need to do?

You decide what types of activities will fit the needs of your community and your budget. Some groups have done simple activities like invite a speaker to church or set up a table to distribute free mammography fact sheets. Groups with more resources have organized health fairs and free mammography screening events. The Pink Ribbon Sunday Guide provides examples of simple and more advanced activities.

Do the activities have to be held on Sunday?

No. The program got its name because the first activities were held at churches on Sunday. However, Pink Ribbon events can be held any day of the week depending on the preferences of your community.

Does the FDA provide funding?

No. FDA does not provide money to pay for any costs associated with your Pink Ribbon activities. FDA only provides access to the free fact sheets and postcards available from the Office of Women's Health.

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