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  1. Women's Health Topics

More Women's Health Topics

Check the links on this page to learn more about these women's health issues:

Medication Safety

Cosmetics and other Products

Most women use cosmetics and other products every day. The FDA encourages women to educate themselves about how to safely use these products.


Anyone can feel depressed. Women are more likely to have depression than men. Depression affects 1 out of 5 women in the United States. There is hope. Check these links to learn more about depression and how it is treated.

Flu (also called Influenza)

The flu affects thousands of people each year. The FDA approves vaccines and medicines to prevent and treat the flu. Check these links to learn ways to protect yourself against the flu.

Healthy Eating/ Nutrition

The FDA has information to help you make good food choices.


LASIK is eye surgery done with a laser to help you see better. The laser makes tiny cuts that change the shape of the clear cover over the eye called the cornea. Check the FDA website to learn more about the benefits and risks of Lasik.

Weight Loss

Resources For You

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