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UCSF TCORS: Integrated Health, Behavioral and Economic Research on Current and Emerging Tobacco Products

Principal Investigator(s): Pamela Ling

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health – TCORS Grant

ID number: 9-U54HL147127-06

Award Date: 8/29/18

Institution: University of California, San Francisco

The goal of this TCORS is to examine health effects, behavior, and impact related to current and emerging tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and new “heated tobacco products (HTPs). Specific aims are: (1) to evaluate the short-term health effects, including respiratory and cardiovascular effects, of e-cigarettes, HTPs, and other tobacco products and how specific tobacco product characteristics influence health effects and behavior; (2) to further add to the science base to inform product standards and marketing regulations for these tobacco products, integrating the health and behavioral dimensions of tobacco use with economic models, with particular emphasis on specific product characteristics and short-term effects; and (3) to build the tobacco regulatory science research community through mentoring, developmental grants, and other support. The TCORS will accomplish these aims through five projects; topics are as follows: (1) the impact of different e-cigarette characteristics on acute lung injury; (2) the short-term cardiovascular effects of e-cigarettes, including the influence of device power and e-liquid pH, and how e-cigarettes compare with HTPs; (3) the cardiovascular health effects of emerging HTPs; (4) the influences of product characteristics on perceptions, behaviors, and biologic exposures in rural adolescents; and (5) the impact of changing tobacco product use on healthcare costs for general and vulnerable populations. Project findings may provide information that may inform future regulatory activities.

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