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UCSF TCORS Project 1: Impact of Different E-Cigarette Characteristics on Acute Lung Injury

Principal Investigator(s): Carolyn Calfee

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health – TCORS Grant

ID number: 9-U54HL147127-06

Award Date: 8/29/18

Institution: University of California, San Francisco

Variation in e-cigarette characteristics may have a significant impact on pulmonary health. Changes in e-cigarette device and liquid characteristics may influence acute pulmonary effects, both under healthy conditions and in the setting of acute respiratory infection and/or inflammation. This project proposes a comprehensive assessment of the impact of e-cigarette characteristics on acute lung injury, combining data from cell culture, mouse models, and human subjects. Study aims are: (1) to test how different device characteristics (applied power and metal coil components) impact the acute pulmonary effects of e-cigarettes; and (2) to test how different e-liquid characteristics (nicotine concentration and flavorings) impact the acute pulmonary effects of e-cigarettes. Both aims begin with an evaluation of the impact of varying e-cigarette characteristics on susceptibility to viral or bacterial lung injury in cell culture and mouse models. This evaluation will be conducted with and without infectious and inflammatory stimuli, including viral (influenza) and bacterial (pneumococcal) infection. The e-cigarette characteristics that appear to be most important in these models will then be tested in a human model of lung inflammation, in which 60 healthy adult (age >21) e-cigarette users and dual cigarette/e-cigarette users inhale endotoxin, followed by bronchoscopy with bronchoalveolar lavage. Findings will yield new information regarding how specific e-cigarette device and e-liquid characteristics impact their potential to cause acute lung injury and may inform future regulatory activities.

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