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UPenn/Rutgers TCORS Project 3: Influence of Cigarillo Packaging and Labeling on Young Adults

Principal Investigator(s): Cristine D. Delnevo & Olivia Wackowski

Funding Mechanism: National Institutes of Health – TCORS Grant

ID number: 1 U54 CA229973-01

Award Date: 9/14/18

Institution: Rutgers University

The use of cigarillos is growing among young adults. Therefore, more information about the influence of cigarillo packaging and labeling on young adults would be useful. The goal of this project is to understand how cigar and cigarillo packaging and labeling may both facilitate and dissuade cigar among young adults (ages 18-24). Using a series of complementary mixed methods studies (i.e., online exposure experiments, observational secondary data analyses, smoking lab study), researchers will study the effects of exposure to cigar/cigarillo packaging with varying warning labels (text and pictorial) and descriptors (flavors and potentially modified-risk claims) on perceptions, use intentions, and use. Study aims are: (1) to test the effect of different cigarillo packaging features (descriptors, colors, presence of current warning labels) on perceptions and use intentions among 2400 young adult past-year cigarillo smokers using a between-subjects online experiment; (2) to compare the effect of different text and pictorial warnings on cigarillo perceptions and use intentions among 1,800 young adults using an online experiment; and (3) to evaluate exposure to cigar warnings (and associations with cigar harm perceptions and use) over time through an analysis of Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) survey data. In addition, in an exploratory smoking experiment, 100 young adult past 30-day cigarillo smokers will smoke non-flavored cigarillos placed in packaging with flavor descriptors, allowing researchers independently examine the potential impact of packaging and descriptors on cigar ratings. Study findings may inform future regulatory activities related to cigar and cigarillo flavoring, packaging descriptors, packaging, and pictorial warnings.

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