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Latin America Office

Latin America-landscape

Established in April 2009, FDA’s Latin America Office serves as the lead for FDA’s on-site presence in the 44 countries and territories that span Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico. It operates posts in three strategic locations: San Jose, Costa Rica (headquarters), Mexico City, Mexico and Santiago, Chile. The mission of the Latin America Office is to help ensure the safety, quality, and effectiveness of medical products and food produced in the region for export to the United States.

The Latin America Office achieves these objectives by:

  • Working both independently and alongside the FDA Centers to assess the capacity of governments to manage, assess, and regulate products within increasingly complex scenarios affecting product safety and efficacy;
  • Providing an array of countries with information, tools, training and exchange programs that contribute to building or strengthening their regulatory capacity;
  • Sharing resources with regional partners to support science-based regulatory decision-making and pursue the best possible public health solutions, and;
  • Monitoring and reporting on regulatory and manufacturing trends, conditions, and emerging public health events that have the potential to impact the safety of FDA-regulated goods produced in the Latin American region that are intended for export to the U.S.

Focus on Latin America

Latin America, led by Mexico, accounts for 40% of all fresh produce consumed in the United States. Additionally, the medical device industry has grown 800% in the Latin American region since 2002, twice the average global growth rate.


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