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FAQs: Public Meetings at FDA White Oak Campus

1) What airport should I fly to when attending a meeting at FDA's White Oak Campus?

The White Oak Campus is located at 10903 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD, 20993 and is accessible by three major airports: Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI), Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) and Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD).

2) How do I get from the airport to the White Oak Campus?

Meeting attendees have several ground transportation options to White Oak, which is located in Silver Spring, Maryland, an immediate suburb of Washington, DC.  The closest Metro Station to the White Oak Campus is located in the Silver Spring central business district and is accessed from the Washington subway system "Red Line."  The White Oak Campus is approximately a 20 minute cab ride from the Silver Spring Metro Station.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI): Visitors have the option to take the Amtrak or the MARC train into Washington's Union Station where they can transfer to the Red Line. Alternatively, visitors may take the B30 Metro Bus that takes passengers to the Greenbelt Metro Station which is located on the Washington subway system "Green Line." The "Green Line" intersects with the "Red Line" where passengers may transfer to get to Silver Spring.

Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA): Visitors may board the subway system "Yellow or Blue Line" and transfer to the "Red Line" to get to Silver Spring.

Dulles International Airport (IAD): Visitors are suggested to plan on hiring a cab or renting a car to get to the White Oak Campus.

Renting a car may be desirable from any airport for those staying at nearby hotels or for those facing time constraints.

3) If I take the Metro to the Silver Spring Metro stop, how do I get to the White Oak Campus?

There is a "Ride-On Bus" route 22, which is operated by the Montgomery County and provides access directly to the Campus during rush hour. Taxis are also available at the Metro station if you are traveling during non-rush hours. The Campus is located four miles from the Silver Spring Metro station.

4) If the meeting I am attending requires me to stay overnight, are there hotels near the Campus?

Yes, please follow this link to see a list of hotels: Lodging near the White Oak Conference Center 

5) If I choose to rent a car and drive, is the address able to be found via GPS?


6) When I get to the Campus where do I park and where do I enter the Campus?

Visitors attending public meetings in the Building 31 Great Room must enter through Building 1 where they will undergo the routine security check procedures for building entry. A visitor badge and escort are not required to attend a public meeting in the Great Room.

Visitors attending meetings in locations other than the Great Room may take the Campus Circulator Shuttle to the designated building where their meeting is taking place, as provided by their FDA escort. Visitors will undergo the routine security check procedures for building entry. A visitor badge and escort are required for meetings occurring in locations other than the Great Room.

There is limited visitor parking available on the White Oak Campus. Public transit, taxi, and carpooling are highly encouraged. All visitors parking on campus are required to go through vehicle screening on Michelson Road and to park in Northwest Surface Lot 1, 3, or 4. Campus shuttle service is available from the visitor parking lots to all campus buildings. Click here to view a campus parking map.

7) Are there restaurants nearby? Are there refreshments available at the meeting?

There is a refreshment stand right outside of the meeting space where light refreshments and sandwiches can be purchased before the start of the meeting, as well as during specified agenda breaks and lunch time. Meeting participants wishing to have a more formal sit-down breakfast, lunch or dinner are encouraged to enjoy any of the many restaurants located within close driving distance of the Campus. However, they should also factor in the additional time it takes to leave and return to the Campus.

8) Can I bring my own food and drinks to a public meeting on the FDA White Oak Campus?

Yes, attendees may bring their own food or drink; however, FDA cannot guarantee the use of a refrigerator for perishable items, so attendees should plan accordingly.

9) I have a handicap.  Will your meeting premises have the ability to support my needs?

FDA welcomes the attendance of the public at its advisory committee meetings and will make every effort to accommodate persons with physical disabilities or special needs. If you require special accommodations due to a disability, contact the person specified in a meeting announcement at least seven days in advance of a meeting.

10) How do I find out more details about directions, transportation and other logistical considerations, including a Campus map?

Take a look at the additional informational links on this website.

11) I am a reporter. What do I need to know?

Accessing the public meetings held at the White Oak Campus does not require an FDA escort. However, when public meetings end, it is important to know that non-FDA personnel are required to leave the premises at the conclusion of the event. Reporters should not plan on filing their stories from the Campus after the meeting, for example. If you are a reporter and you feel you will need to stay on Campus for any reason after a meeting has concluded, you are encouraged to contact one of the Agency’s Press Officers.

Also, please remember to sign the press registration sheet before entering a meeting room. The FDA asks that you not approach workshop participants while their meetings are in progress. Please refrain from any flash photography or TV camera lights while the meetings are in session. Contact an FDA Press Officer to arrange for an interview with any FDA speakers presenting at an event.

12) What if I can’t physically attend the meeting, but need to view it?

Meetings that are held at White Oak are webcast live and recordings are accessible for a limited time following the conclusion of a meeting. Participants should check meeting notices on the FDA Advisory Committee website for webcast links. Consult with a Press Officer for assistance in accessing archived webcasts.

13) Who can I call if I have a question not addressed in this Q & A?

Alyssa Polovoy at the White Oak Conference Center: [email protected]


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