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CVM OSC DAF eSubmitter Program

eSubmitter is an electronic, question-based submission tool that helps users compile information and submit it to the FDA. eSubmitter uses templates to collect data and walk users through the process of creating a complete and structured Food Additive Petitions (FAP), Generally Recognized As Safe Notices (GRAS), and Investigational Food Additive (IFA) files. The templates were developed by CVM subject matter experts.

Launch of the CVM OSC Division of Animal Feeds (DAF) eSubmitter Program

The Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Office of Surveillance & Compliance (OSC) Division of Animal Feeds (DAF) developed the option to submit FAPs, GRAS notices, and IFA files electronically using eSubmitter, and is ready to receive electronic submissions now. (See “Download CVM eSubmitter Here!” above.)

The templates for FAPs, GRAS notices, and IFA files are available under “OSC DAF Submissions” in the CVM eSubmitter tool.

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