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Bioinformatics Tools FAQs

NCTR Bioinformatics Tools Frequently Asked Questions: how to download and run the files and tools

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I download the Run_LTKB.zip, Run_EDKB_EADB.zip or Run_NCTRlcdb.zip file and launch the tool?

The steps below apply to LTKB, EDKB, EADB, and NCTRlcdb:

Step 1: Download the tool's zip file to your local drive (e.g., C:\Users\JSMITH\Downloads\).

Step 2: From your local drive, right click over the zip file, select "WinZip" and then select either "unzip to here" or "unzip to folder".

Download and Run EADB/EAKB zip file step 1

Step 3: After the tool's Run file is unzipped, double-click the Run file with the ".bat" extension to launch tool.

*Note: For the Run_EDKB_EADB.zip file there are two .bat files, one for EDKB and one for EADB.

Download and Run EADB/EAKB zip file step 2

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